The LV Be-YOU-tiful Story

Not so long ago, in place not too far away, lived a woman-empowered ready to take on the world….

This woman would face many obstacles, large and small, encounter many people, kind and devious.

She sought to make the world a better place, but what battle would she choose to fight?

As she looked around she found a world often dark and full of dismay.

Too many young girls lived in fear, anguish, and self-hate.

She took up her tools; she knew what battle she must fight. Beauty and self-love would be her might.

Helping women find their personal glam; to shine like the stars they are, this could be the fuel to carry her far.

Through flashing runways, larger-than-life studios, magical weddings, and sparkling quinceaneras, the woman spread her light so that all could see clearly.

You have only to look within to find beauty without impurities.



The Linda V Salon is the place where women come to love themselves. We are an industry catalyst poised to change the way women view beauty services and strategically advantaged to serve cross-cultural markets. Our model is community-minded, based on excellent service – always.


Helping women find their personal glam by sharing expertise, and excellence in service. Delivering high-style results by stylists who care.


Linda V Salon is a change agent. We envision a world where women and girls feel confident in their own skin and a beauty industry that encourages self-love.


  • Client appreciation, always
  • Ethical business practices
  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • “Grow our own” – talent from within
  • Community-oriented


Our stylists are ready to help you find your personal glam. Book an appointment today!